Printing time issues on Mac

Recently I downloaded Repeater-Host Mac 1.2.1 system on my MacBook, and try to slicer one project, but I found the printing time on G-code screen was 0. While in my previous Repeater-Host V2.2.4 system on my Dell laptop, the printing time of the same project on Mac was 6m:5s, and the actual printing time was same as on Windows system. So how can fix the problem of printing time issues between Mac system and Windows system, even though their printing settings are same and can also print some products? Do I need to fix that?


  • You mean computed time or during print? Only way that should set it to 0 is adding -100% which I guess you did not. Since you just want to send gcode there is no need to fix it except some gcodes have no values but variables which caused the computation to break as they did not get replaced during slicing. This is normally in start or end gcode, so delete this in editor and see if time changes.

    On the other hand you should think about switching to  Repetier-Server

    which works great on mac and is in active development. Use native PrusaSlicer for slicing and send sliced files directly to it for storage or print (it has a upload function for that). The mac host is out of development due to the superior server.
  • Thanks for your reply. The time issue refers to the computed time of my printing as on my mac Repetier-host software the printing time shows 0. While due to some platform issues of my 3D printer, I have to set the Z-value of printer settings on my Repetier-host software to be -9 to make it print well on my 3D printer platform, and I also set the same -9 Z-value of my printer settings on windows Repetier-host software, but windows one shows exact time 6m:5s while mac one shows 0, which makes me confusing a lot. So how can I fix that issue?

  • Which Z value is -9? All z values are normally positive as bed level is z=0 for all fdm printers.

    Can you post a link to gcode with no time?
  • Hello this is Gulshan Negi
    Well, I do not have too much idea about it but in my search, I found that you can also try exporting the G-code file from the Windows system and importing it into the Mac system to see if this resolves the issue.
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