Longer LK5 Pro

Hi, I'm considering working with Repetier Server in the future.

Unfortunately, I can't find any information as to whether my printer is compatible at all or how I can integrate it. Basically, I've already seen videos for embedding, but when it comes to firmware, the first question marks are already appearing.

Can someone tell me if the Longer LK5 Pro works and how I integrate it?



  • I have the same question? I seem to be having connection issues with the LK5Pro. I did print with success on 2 occassions, now nothing....Repetier Server will no longer connect to the printer.....my Rep-Server version is .93.0, I am running on a linux Mint17 pc....
  • In the meantime, I have the system up and running. Pi 4, 4GB with 120GB SSD. So far runs flawlessly, the first prints via the repeater server are done. I see no difference in the print result. Fits for me so far. Only that the display is always on disturbs me.
  • You mean pi display? There is in settings a screensaver setting to change it. Software should always darken display a bit. But it seems the screen blanking is not acting as expected on recent images for some. What display are you using?
  • No, I don't have a display on the Pi. I only use the web interface. The display of the Longer LK5 Pro is permanently on. It is supplied with power by the pi.
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