Runout filament error not reported

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i have the Repetier server latest, pro version
when my printer ( Marlin v2, mingda magician max) report a runout filament sensor, the print is like stuck, and Repetier server does not report error, warning, or anything else
worst : I use Pushover like advised in the settings :  no error reported.

my printer report an error, in gcode . It should be reported in the server, isn’t it ?

why I don’t have any report on server , and/or on pushover ?

thanks for any help


  • That really depends on printer firmware configuration. If it is configured to handle runout completely internal it would only block communication and we don"t see or handle it at all. If it sends a message it will pause and run pause script - at least with the known messages. To be sure you need to enable logging and check the communication where pause happens due to runout.
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    Thank you for your feedback :-)
    « enable logging » : on repetier side i suppose.
    Ok i will do a try. May be with fake print to check what i see in logs
    I keep you updated .

    I cross finger to have a good firmware who handle that cade properly…

    Thanks a lot
  • Zes server log I mean. Just do a short print and cut filament soon as you are only interested in the error.
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