Where are File folder locations assigned?

I just got a new computer for the Server.

It has a smallish SSD so I want to ONLY put programs on it, and put all the files, images, movies and more over on a larger (and slower) 2TB internal hard drive.

Where do I assign the file locations?


  • See

    for location depending on os and how to change where  Repetier-Server looks for it. On unix systems you can also make a link from /var/lib/Repetier-Server to your new destination.
  • Ok, sorry.... I looked and on my Win11 system and I could not find the config file or anything that look familiar after reading the article.

    I Installed Repetier Server, and then stopped the service.  I was then going to edit the Config file to Point to the Storage drive, but couldn't find anything that looked right, and then restart the Server.

    For a default install, one instance, can you tell me what file I need to edit.
    I want to point it to "D:\Repetier"

    What I have is C:/Program Files/Repetier-Server/   and then bin, extra, firmware, etc...

    What file in What folder should I be editing.

    Sorry for being so dense... Win11 is giving me fits as it looks and behaves differently than Win10...

  • You should create 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierServer-extra.xml
    with a copy of
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierServer.xml
    and just modify 

    Just note you need to edit at some other place, because the files are not writeable by you and only when you copy them you get a question if you are sure and then copy works.
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