Changing printing and filament parameters

Hi, I'm working with the repeater host, and want to operate without connecting my computer to the printer, I want to upload my designs to an SD card which will connect after to the computer. I want to change the print, printer and filament setting of the slic3r that comes with the program. The problem his that wen I open the slic3r tab it does not allow me to change anything. There's drop down menus for each category but noting happens when I click them, even when I click configure at the top right corner nothing happens. 


  • Do you have slic3r profiles define. I mean if you hit configure does slic3r start and have configs defined? Only then you could expect the drop down lists to show a selection.
  • if I hit configure nothing happens but I don't know why. 
    I've just downloaded repetier for the first time the other day so im really new to this software, maybe I did something wrong? or there's something else I need to download? 
  • Nothing else to download, but Slic3r is a bit discontinued in development and compiled versions do not run on all macs. One of the reasons we stopped developing the mac host.

    I'd suggest installing  Repetier-Server as print server if you want to print from mac like host would do. It is os independent as it uses browser as gui which makes it even network capable so you can monitor from mobile as well.

    As slicer use PrusaSlicer which is the improved slic3r version with active development and it even supports direct upload to repetier-server to store or start the print.
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