Configuration tool

Is there a way for the config tool to "read" my current config, make my changes and reload new?
I initially used config tool but hv also gone and changes some settings manually so my last known good file is no longer valid for my setup.


  • Host has no config tool.
    If you mean Repetier-Firmware then answer is yes if the original file was also created with the tool.
  • Ugh!
    Now I see it. I looked too quickly. Thanks for your time.
  • Where do I find my current config file?
  • It's named configuration.h but I can not say where you saved it. If you downloaded the complete zip it is inside.
  • I initially used the config tool. I hv since changed that config. Would my current config be saved in my unzipped folder?
  • You should not change config outside tool. If you upload you only see the settings from last download not later manual changes. Reason is that they are stored in a special comment for the tool. When you download the zip it contains the config file with made settings. For later changes only upload the config file.
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