Spool Weight Display

Hi, I now have a weighing scale on each printer that measures the weight of the spool and thus determines the remaining filament. I use this value for planning which print is still possible on which printer. In addition, of course, the colour and the material so that the weighed result is also correct.

Since I schedule my prints via Repetier, it would be great if I could see this information somehow in the interface. The scale is based on ESP32 and therefore I can transfer the data to the Repetier via Rest, MQTT or otherwise.

At the moment I simply don't have a "place" where I can write this information to the printer.


  • The only solution right now is to manipulate the "name" of the printer like "P1 - 0.6 - PETG-JB - 127m"
  • Please read manual especially computed expressions and server commands. You could make a wizard or a command in printer config creating a dialog. Before calling the dialog query the api with
    @set global.spoolWeight {{http_get("http:/...")}}
    And use the variable in the dialog to include the weight. Then you have either a wizard or new command that runs the script and shows result. You can even do some computations convertig it for different densities.
  • Thank´s .. It´s one possible way and has to be configured per printer .. but I´ve one more question. 

    The ESP weight scale can send the information of the weight to an endpoint in repetier and then it can be used for an computed expression? Or do I need to save it somewhere to request it like described in your post?

    It would be perfect to have an API where I can just save simple "key-value" pairs to use them in the computed expressions.
  • Question is what the simplest solution is and also if it affects the print. You can use our web api to execute a @set command to store values, but you would do that frequently also seldom used.

    My solution uses other way - it calls the esp web api only when required and stores result. If it has multiple values use json format. computed expressions can extract values from json strings easily.

    In both solutions you need the dialog to show it and a call from user who wants to see it.
  • Yes .. it´s send every 5-10 minutes if the weight has changed. But this is easier for me to implement, because the ESP Modules doen´t need to be reachable from the repetier. 
  • Ok, then use our web api and send a 
    @set global.spoolHeight 70
    or so then you can use value in dialogs any time. 5-10 minutes frequency is ok. Only thing is you need to wait after bootup for first push message.

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