Attempting to "Print" gcode on Lowrider2 CNC (Marlin) stops on the first move command

This question is for the Lowrider2 CNC running the dual endstop Marlin firmware (latest). There are two 2D contour operations drawing a smiley face and a square around it. The console, when Ack is turned on, shows the following:

Send:20:49:36.498: N18125 M75
Send:20:49:36.542: N18126 G90
Send:20:49:36.542: N18127 G21
Send:20:49:36.542: N18128 M84 S0
Send:20:49:36.542: Slow command added:M0 Turn ON 11999RPM
Send:20:49:36.542: N18129 M0 Turn ON 11999RPM
Send:20:49:36.542: M117 2D Contour1
Send:20:49:36.547: N18130 G1 X126.602 Y146.904 Z34.05 F498

The coordinates specified are positive and within CNC machine's boundaries.  The output stops on the first move command without actually moving. What am I missing? Thank you.


  • If ack is turned on you are in troubles. I see no "ok" from marlin so back channel is stopped. Most likey it is from
    M0 Turn ON 11999RPM
    That is wrong syntax and the M0 will cause marlin to stop and wait until you press the button on printer display. That might be why next commands do not get executed. With ACK on I would expect a lot of busy messages if busy protocol was compiled in. Since M0 waits forever you see it marked as slow command so no timeout will happen here.
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    I only turned ack on when there was no output in the console, when ack was toggled in the UI the above output was shown. Before that the console was empty. There doesn't appear to be a UI element with a button associated with a message "Turn ON 11999RPM". There is a Pause and a Stop button. Selecting the Pause button makes it change the adjacent icon from pause to play and then immediately back to pause. The word Pause does not change to Play. What might this M0 button look like in the UI? When I say UI, I am looking at both the webpage and touch screen. They are almost identical with no M0 button on either one. Thank you.

  • There is no M0 button - you are sending M0 so it must be in your gcode you want to print. Or you have added it your self to one of the server events like print start/stop. I guess your gcode creation in cnc tool adds that code not knowing that it should not be used here.
  • Good to know. Thank you. It is generated by the post processor. I can tweak the .cps file to not add it in the future. Thank you.
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