Repetier on a used Mega 2560

Hi I'm Rob from the Netherlands
and I have for a while a 3D printer.
but I'm always messing with software.
Now I had previously Pronterface on my regular PC and Repetier on a Laptop.
Laptop unfortunately broke down so I bought a new one.
Now Reptier liked outstanding so again put on my new laptop. (windows10)
but unfortunately I now get the laptop with repetier not connected?
All software is new on so it's probably something wrong.
Arduino IDE was able to connect to an Arduino UNO so it does work.
I just do not know if everything is working properly.
I do not put Marlin firmware on the laptop because it is not yet in the Mega 2560?
that's what maybe wrong?
I really do not know.

maybe someone can say something?
sorry eventual bad translation (me and Google translate);-)

Friendly greetings from here!


  • Check first if you see the com port, otherwise you are already missing the driver.

    After that make sure the baudrate matches. Normally 115200 or 250000 baud.

    If you have installed and configred the server as well the server will connect to printer as soon as you put it in. In host you then need the server connector not the serial connector to connect over server (recommended way).
  • Hi Mister Repetier  
    I'm happy to tell you that I managed to make contact!(to the printer ;-) )
    I used a different port (the blue port) which seems to have a USB 3.0 was me told
    I'm supper happy that the printer does now work with Repetier.
    (I'm very bad with software ;-( )
    The first print was a heart but its Institutions were not good,
    the second heart they're all better.(settings improved) I can I think print better!
    Also I just think the printer sometimes goes too fast, especially at the outer edge.
    also the top layer coarsely.(is rough) like sandpaper.
    BUT I am very happy with what he's doing now!
    also look at the picture if you wish (please scroll down?)

    poor translation comes through Google and I Rob ;-)
    Kind regards from the Netherlands!
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