Raspberry image 1.4.1 - Pi will not boot

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Now that I have my connectivity issues resolved, I thought I would try the new Raspberry image file 1.4.1

I have done a fresh install to another SD card but for some reason, it will not boot up.
I get the Repetier splash screen and a few file names scroll, but then end up with a blank screen and a blinking cursor, even after allowing over 10 minutes, given I understand the first boot can take a while.

I have also tried a different SD card which was reformatted, but still the same issue - no boot up.

I also note that despite setting the LCD rotation to 180 degrees in the initial config file, the screen is still upside down (cursor blinks at bottom right).

Would appreciate some assistance in relation to what I should try to resolve.


  • 1.4.1 is based on bullseye and that uses the new pi graphic driver where the rotate is not working always as expected. See https://www.repetier-server.com/download-images/ roatate screen section on how to rotate for at least the final browser view. The xrandr solution works fine and is independent from config.txt settings - here the x server rotates. Alternative use repetier-setup -> raspi->config  and select pi cam to use legacy driver. This switches back to old graphic driver where the settings still work.

    Question still open is why you can not boot or where it fails. What pi model are you using and what display? First start takes a while and even triggers a reboot after expanding file size, so waiting a few minutes is good.

    Also when you unpower and repower, does it still not boot?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Comments re graphic driver are noted. I'll check out the link you provided.

    I am running a genuine Raspberry Pi 3B and an Official Raspberry 7" Touch screen.

    I will always get the Repetier flash screen on boot and then a few file names scroll before I get a flashing cursor.
    I have left the boot for up to an hour on a few occasions without success.

    I am running Samsung 32GB EVO SD cards and have tried a new download and image a few times, conducting full and quick card reformats before hand.

    I had no trouble whatsoever when I installed the current Raspberry version which is running which is V 1.3.0 V28.

    If I repower the Pi or remove and reinsert the SD card, this makes no difference.
  • This is strange....

    I obtained another SD card, reformatted it and imaged V 1.4.1

    It will boot up.

    If I make the network connections and then enter the licence details, it works until I turn off and start again next time. All I end up with is a blank screen and a flashing cursor (I have not at this stage fixed the screen rotation issue).

    I have tried this a few time now and the same result. Works once or twice and then doesn't.

  • Turn off means you shut down linux cleanly using shutdown function or just power off? You always should cleanly shut down the pi. We therefor have added a shutdown button in the main menu for pi. Without you might get corrupted filesystem or sd card defects sooner or later. But it is normally not that frequent that a restart already has it defect.

    If we forget the screen, can you at least connect to server or run ssh to login to pi. If you can run
    to see startup messages. The blinking cursor is just text mode, so it did not start x server with graphic interface. The question is more if that was just disabled e.g. through a update from linux or if something is really broken after restart.

    You might also just try the old buster based image. After install just update server in autoupdater to get last version. The bullseye version is new, also it runs stable or 2 month now on my pis.
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    By way of update:
    I turned on the Pi this afternoon and it booted up to V 1.4.1 I don't know why, given that yesterday I had no success whatsoever the last 4 or 5 times I tried rebooting the newly created 1.4.1 image.

    I backed up my Pi 1.3.1 version to another SD card and booted it up (Buster version)
    I then did the autoupdate to V 1.4.1 I encountered an error stating that it could not connect to and I tried a reload, only to receive the same error.
    I left it for 5 or so seconds and then it actually came up with success on the update to V 1.4.1 and I now have that version on the Pi.

    Because I used the update method, screen rotation is still correctly set.

    Strange that it now appears to work, despite the errors and issues previously experienced.

    Thanks for your help with this Repetier.
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