Filament Runout Message only when printing

I am using the newest version of Repetier-Server on my Raspberry Pi 4. I have connected 3 printers and wired their filament runout senssors to the GPIO Pins of the raspberry. Everything works fine so far, like for example pausing the print and sending a message.

Is it possible to send these messages only when a print is running? I dont wont to spam Filament Runout Errors, when I am just switching filaments between prints. I think of something like this:

@if {{printing=true}}
@message Kein Filament auf Drucker A
@error Filament leer

Where can I find an overview of this @commands?



  • In g-code script editor you can always hit "Show help" to see all computed expressions and server commands. Or read the chapter in our user manual where we extract the help from.

    What you are searching is variable job.running like
    @if {{job.running==1}}

  • Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for!
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