Where is Extruder Temperature?

I have been slowly getting RS dialed in to where it is reliable and does what I want...

That said, I can't figure out how to see my EXTRUDER temperature.

I can see the BED temperature.

Across the top of my "PRINT" page I have...
STOP, Speed, Flow, Fan Speed, 2nd Fan Speed, Bed Temperature, and the Hamberger Menu.

How Can I see (and plot) my extruder Temperature?

If I go to DASHBOARD and select the thermometer icon, it shows the right range (200degC), but nothing shows up.

I really want BOTH my Bed temperature and (active) extruder temperature to show.

As this is an IDEX printer with TWO heads, it would be nice to see BOTH, so I can see the warm-up/cool-down as it gets ready for a tool change and puts one head in standby, and warms up the other...

This is RS ver 1.4.1


  • Have you defined in printer configuration->Tools to have 2 extruders? If not the parts for extruders will not show up. It should otherwise show between fan and bed temperature.
  • Even when I am in 1-extruder mode (90% of the time) I am not seeing extruder temperature.

    I would post a screen shot but don't see an attachment option...
  • Use imgur.com for image uploads for example. Works without registration.

    Do you mean in 2 extruder mode you see temperatures? Is the icon not present for temperature or no temperture in icon? If second can you show the temperature response in console - just disable temperature (M105) filter.

    If firmware disabled autoreport somehow try if sending
    M155 S1
    changes anything. We send that when we detect autoreport capability, but of cours eonly send it once.
  • I never see nozzle temperatures.  I haven't run dual nozzles in a while.  Just finished 3-day print so I can try things again...
  • I see, you have configured your printer in server with no extruders so you don't see them. Do to printer configuration->tools and add as many extruders as you have then you should see them.
  • Ah, it wasn't where I thought it was, I had configured it elsewhere and thought I was done... a reboot and everything was happier.
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