Won't print file on Anet Board SD Card

edited July 2022 in Windows
Hello,  I saw that the program can read the SD card mounted in the 3D printer (Anet A8).  However, when I attempted to print a file (gcode) it said "file.open failed" and "done printing file".  Is there a way to select a file from the SD card and print it?


  • Have no account for box.com to see image:-(

    Enable log at the bottom and check what you see when host sends M20 to get the list. We use the filename in that list when starting the print. What might be is that you see long filename or with folders and that firmware does not support it with folders/long file names.

    So as a test put a file in root folder with maximum 8 ascii chars as name and .g as extension. Then long and short name are identical and it should work.
  • It turns out the file name was too big.  Thanks for your help
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