Dual extruder temp E0(1) not displaying


So I'm using Repetier servers on all of my printers, but since I've bought one with dual extruders I noticed it only displays current temperature of extruder 2 and not extruder 1. I can however set a temperature and it will go to this temperature, but actual temp. is only visible on the LCD of the printer, not Repetier-Server. It's not a big deal, but I wondered if there is a fix for it.
Screen: https://ibb.co/6RsBzLM


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Jens V.


  • Please check console and activate M105 responses. Question is if firmware does tell all temperatures or only the active one. Some just do it for active extruder and then we have nothing to show for the others.
  • It was activated, switching it doesn't seem to do anything. It's not that it's only showing the active one, because it only shows E2. Also when E1 is 'active'.
  • I still need to know what firmware returns on M105 to see possible problems. That is where we get temperatures from. Which firmware are you using? Please show a bit of console log with temperature filter off - one part with E1 active and one part with E2 active, so we see the difference.
  • The faster the plastic is being pulled through the extruder, the higher the extrusion temperature needs to be to melt it quickly enough. We use a temperature of 220°C for ABS and PLA at speeds of 40 mm/s and lower, and 230°C at speeds up to about 100 mm/s
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