One Drive/Google Drive integration

Having a 3D printing farm, I need a way to keep my files safe.
I use cloud services to backup my folders with gcode or models.
It would be great to be able to log into these services and be able to browse files, download them and send them to print from the cloud.


  • That is no real problem. You need to enable it on the computer where server runs and at least automatically sync that folder ( I mean you can exclude the other folders containing other data - at least in dropbox I can do that).

    In Repetier-Server you add in global settings->folders a folder to that directory. Then in print tab you can select g-codes from that folder.
  • Forgot to mention - files must be readable by server user so on linux/mac repetierserver user must be able to read the files.
  • I use RaspberryPi.

  • The it is best to activate googledrive for user repetierserver. WIth
    sudo -s -u repetierserver
    you become user repetierserver in case you need to add some configs. Direct login is not possible since repetierserver has no password.
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