Web Cam Questions

My Webcam is working, I just want to make it work "better"

Question is about Timing and Getting the Extruder out of the way

What is the "Stabilize Time" and when is it used?
What is "Pause Time" and when is it used
and lastly
Where is FEEDRATE for getting the Extruder out of the way ?

My Extruder is not getting out of the way in time, and sometimes it is still moving when the photo is taken, so I need to "Tune" that better, and/or get the extruder to get out of the way faster...

Thanks in Advance


  • It is using move speed from manual control to move out of the way. For retract it uses settings in tools->General parameter that are also used got G10/G11 if present.

    Stabalize time is what we wait before we make the snapshot, "Pause duration for snapshot" is how long we wait. This depends on webcam and frame rate. If it is not stable it is normally this time that is too low. We are already moving away when the image is taken. It also needs to include network delays for query. On the other side the lower the better for print, so trick ist to do some testing to find lowest stable value.
  • thanks, I will play with that more.
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