dear sir,
I need information for dash board controller


  • Hello sir,
    How to pause and run again g code with this software ? I controlled 3D printer with this software and G code. I want to know how to pause while running G code and again run with same loacation.
  • Informer can not control printer. You need to use  Repetier-Server or  Repetier-Host to do so and hit pause button. You should also ensure the pause script moves to a position outside the print object. Normally one of the edge corners.
  • Hello sir ,I have Geeetech  GT2560 (i3Bl-08 printer) I want to move 6 location and use delay operation G4 P2000 like that. But I want to pressed push button and move to the another location. I try with this soft ware with dash board cannot pause. the printer board doesn't have any input or output pins. please help me. why cannot pause with this software.?
  • Moves get buffered in prints from printer so paus eis most likely after all commands are send for the 6 positions. Printers buffer normally at least 16 moves.

    Is this for bed calibration? Then in printe rmenu select wizards, open wizard manager and install the manual bed leveling wizard. It moves by button press to edges and center.
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