@pause without going back to saved position

Hi, I need to implement some pauses into my gcode where I can manually do some work on the printed part (eg cutting the filament as I' m working with continuous fibre filament). Unti now I used @pause and event deppendencies. Is there a workaround to prevent the printhead from going back to the position where I paused?
Thanks for any help!


  • What do you mean? Prevent going back to position on continue? No that can not be changed as that is required for correct continue.

    Until continue the head will only execute the gcode in pause script and what you send manually.
  • Yes, this is what I mean. I run a script during pause. But not only if I press continue, even if I press stop at the end of the pause script it moves back to the position where the pause is executed before aborting the print. This is what I want to change: Aborting a print during a pause without going back to the saved position. 
    So there is no way of making him forget the old coordiantes?

  • Hello. In the next update the printer won't going back to the old position anymore, thanks for the hint!
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