2 server - alternative server rendering

I have Server running on a RPi4 8GB and then have a VM with 8GB and 8 cores as a secondary/alternative for rendering the print image faster. This does not appear to be working and I still get the "Open Slow Background Computations" message on the RPi Server display when I upload a new code.

I have both machines connected under alternative servers (green highlight) and only have the VM server (listed on the RPi settings) marked for computations.

How can I test that this is working?


  • Even when it is outsource you get the "Open slow background computations" message. This comes just because it is open. Only it should disappear much faster than without outsourcing.

    As proof you can login with ssh and run top. When you see RepetierRenderer near top is is not outsourced, if you don't see it until image appears it was outsourced.
  • Thank you, I'll check next time I upload.
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