DHCP partially not working


we are currently having some problems with a new raspberry pi 4 running repetier-server.
It seems to have problems getting a IP adress from our dhcp server in my company.
Each device gets a "static" ip reserved via mac adress in our dhcp server. This is working with all of our devices including 3 raspberry pi`s running repetier-server.

With this particular pi, it does not show the eth0 connection with the assigned IP. It is only possible to connect via AP mode at the moment.
The strange thing is, if i wire the raspberry to my own private fritzbox, it is working as it should and it gets an ip adress from the dhcp server.

Are there any issues known?

After hours of googling, trial and error i have`nt got a working solution.
To get a temporary fix it is working to send "sudo dhclient -r eth0" followed by a "sudo dhclient -v eth0" This is working just for a couple of minutes. The IP is then shown on the display and the connection to other PC`s is working.



  • Never had that or heard about eth not working on dhcp. It was the always working fallback.
    You could check /var/log/syslog to see what is going wrong. For example
    tail -f /var/log/syslog
    and then remove and add cable. Then it should start negiotating. Maybe some incompatibility with company router also it is strange. We use regular buster debian with default dhcp package.

    Alternatively you can use regular gui (since 1.2.1 also touch screen) and enter for ethernet connection explicitly the static ip/24 , gateway and dns server it would get. It then gets set explicitly. You need to provide all 3 to make it work. If one of the settings is present that might be the source of problems, but don't think so.
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