Multiple timelapses with same fixed position

Right now i have two cameras: One for the big overview from above and one on bed level from the side. I configured a fixed position for X and Y for both with the same coordinates. The printer still moves to the cam position, back to the origin, again to the cam 2 position and back again to the origin.

It would be nice to have a setting „use same coordinates for all cameras“ and only move the extruder once to half the time. I even want to add a third nozzle cam but that would add even more time to the total print right now. Doing all the photos at the same time would be way faster :)


  • Yes, would be great but is difficult. But at least when condition is the same I guess detecting that both trigger at same position should be possible. If photo positions are also identical I might have an idea to detect that edge case and combine them. Will see.
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