Customisable colours in the 2D view


I have a Prusa Mk3s with the MMU2. When printing with several filaments the rendered 3D view you can customise the colours in the settings for each filament. However in the 2D view it starts to repeat the colours making it hard to identify the filament I used for a print. At the moment it seems to be:

1: Blueish-Green
2: Pink
3: White
4: White
5: Blueish-Green

Would it be possible to have the 2D view use the same extruder colours as the 3D view?

Current 2D colours:


  • At least it would be better to have more colors in the list.

    Same colors is not always a good idea, also I know why. But colors might not work as goo din 2d preview.
    Will discuss this in the team.
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