Position info spam

On my new Ender 5 plus running the latest marlin firmware im getting position spam to the console.

Is this a marlin thing or a repetier server issue?

It seems to happen after the server sends M114 https://pasteboard.co/ERYFusEcqXOQ.png


  • We add M114 to G28 to ensure we get back position to override stored homing position if possible = no further moves send until position was returned. As you can see here:

    it will only send the response once. When this activates continuous reporting this is wrong and not documented. Actually we already send M114 on connection. Does it already happen there or only after the G28/M114 command?

    Interestingly the Z count position is changing also Z position does not change. Is this maybe just during homing or does it continue after that for every move to report?
  • In Configuration_adv I noticed that the following was enabled:


    So I commented it out and that got rid of the spam.
  • Thanks, that explains all the responses during moves.
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