School 3D Print Farm

Hey everyone! I have used repetier server for my personal farm (6 printers) for years now, and its worked perfect for me. I am a student and I now work in the 3D printing lab at my school (25+ printers). They currently use octoprint on a pi for every printer, and to access each its a pain. I showed them my repetier server setup, and they want to use it. We have a few questions or suggestions for some updates for it to work for our needs. If someone from repetier would like to call or email me directly that would be great. Here are some things we would like to discuss:

Is there any way to have a central gcode location, so users can upload their gcode to one folder for example and then have it sent to specific printers?

Can students create their own user accounts? Can user accounts be limited to certain printers?

Is it possible to have a queue system, so a notification is sent via email when there is a printer available to the next person waiting to print? 

Since we have so many printers, would our best option be to install repetier on each pi, and then use server monitor for everything? Would it be possible to have them all on one server screen?

Thanks! These are things we wouldn't normally need for personal use, but as I discussed it with the faculty here these are things they wanted to know. Thank you!


  • You can use projects to store g-code. If entered in alternative servers for sharing projects it can be accessed from any server that has that server as alternative server.

    Accounts are only per server and are currently for all printers.

    no such queue system available.

    Only way to get all on one screedn is as you already detected is with the monitor, which is why we wrote it after all. You can have several printers on one pi but not 25. how much depends on stability and pi version. Pi is quite sensitive to electric noise and power so more printers increase likelyhood of failures depending on printer noise/current draw.
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