Is there a way to make a CNC pendant work with R-Host?

Hi. I am a retired CNC machinist trade school teacher. Many of the newer CNC machines we had in the shop (we had over 20 CNC machines) had a pendant (a small keyboard on a cable) that could be used to manually move the CNC in MDI mode (for aligning the origin of the part, etc). I would like to know if something similar could be made to work with R-Host? I was thinking something along the lines of using a USB numerical keypad or an Arduino Micro Pro (which can appear to Windows as a mouse or keypad). Maybe something like a series of macros (or G-Code) could be sent to R-Host when different keys are pressed (e.g. when the left arrow key is pressed, it would insert the code to make the CNC machine (in my case, a CoreXY 3D printer)) move to the left. I think this would be very handy when someone has a large 3D printer for, example, levelling the bed.

Would this be possible?

Just brainstorming!


  •  Repetier-Host is stand alone and has no integrated remote API. The only solution to integrate new functions is by using our plugin system. With that you can write some code that queries e.g. a keyboard to execute some gcodes when hitting them.
  • Ok thank you I will look into that
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