Issue with Repetier-Server Monitor 1.3.0

Hi all

My Repetier-Server Monitor shows 2 issues as follows
1) It indicates that a License Reqired and states that you can not monitor free instances of Repetier-Server. my Repetier-Server is a licenced version and fully paid up. How do I fix that
2) On the server list it indicates 4 printers, but on the web site I only see 3, if I do a backup it shows 3 printers, one witth no name or any details how do i delete that

Repetier-Server is running on a windows PC, I had problems with the Linux version detecting the web cams, it would only ever display 2 of 3, and the web cam streaming would crash/fail, the RaspberryPI version would just stop mid print so trying windows version which seems more stable.



  • 1) Restart server and monitor. I know this sometimes happens on first installation but could not identify the required steps to produce this so I can fix it. Especially the server should be on pro before adding it to monitor or restart monitor so it sees the license on first connect.

    2) Never had that. It might show deactivated printer. Is that on same server? What is the name? Did that exist in the past and was deleted? On every start we query the current list of printers so it should correct on it's own. Also deleting printer when connected is normally detected. 

  • I have started both server and monitor, still get the licence error on the monitor, I have also uninstalled/reinstalled monitor and even rebooted the server again still have the licence error on the message.
    Still getting monitor to say 4 printers where there are only 3
  • Please try to remove server in monitor and then re add it. Have you referenced the server by ip or name? Is there maybe another instance running with 4 printers that is in free mode and has 4 printers? repetierserver is the default name so when you do not change it and have 2 pis running they have same name and it is random which one you see also the webcam images make it a bit unlikely. But rereading when you read the server might still help and also set api key or login/password. 
  • Thanks
    I have only 1 Server, and I have accessed it by IP address and domain name as well, I have also removed the server from Monitor and readded it and still the same.

    Are there config files or reg entries that I need to clean out as well, also on the Server-side for the 4 printer issue, is there any config files I can look at to see why it thinks there are 4 and manually delete the duff data. Please note Server is running on a windows platform.

    DO you have a full reset tool or a config edit tools that I could use?
  • Also in the monitor I have tried using both user name and password and API key as well
  • Monitor stores everything in

    Deleting that resets monitor. Just checked it and we do not store if a license is there, so on every connect it must refetch that. Only thing that might be is the chrome cache (from electron) that might have stored an old server response.

    Was the server already on pro when you first installed the monitor? If not the cache might be the explanation and you still get the info from the old cached server state. 
  • Thanks

    I deleted the profile, uninstalled the monitor, and still the same, it reports an unlicensed version of the server, which is not true, also it reports that there are 4 printers but only shows 3 as there only 3, I assume it must be a problem with the data on the server side, How do I reset the the server completly with out having to uninstall and or rebuild the windows pc?
  • All server data is installed in c:/ProgramData/Repetier-Server. Shutdown repetier-server service - rename or delete file and restart service. That is the same as new clean installation. Always deactivate license before doing such things.

    Before you do that try in register deactivating license and reactivating while monitor is active.

    When server is offline monitor should remove the printers from the home view. On restart they should reappear.
  • Thanks

    Deleleting the folder c:/ProgramData/Repetier-Server in the server for a full reset has fixed it, I must haved some duff data somewere, if you want to look at the data before i deleted I can email it to Repetier if you want it

  • See PM for my email. Would really like to investigate what is going wrong.
  • Sorry to make this thread active, but I am having the same problem. I have removed and re-added the server, uninstalled the program, but I still see the message saying that 'License Required'. I currently only have one server added via IP address and authenticated via API license.
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