Retrieve/Reset API-KEY


i managed to loose the API-Key for my fresh installation ... now the web-gui is just flickering (missing-api-key) and the Hostmonitor on the workstation too.
Tried to uninstall / reinstall .... the server keeps his configuration (and API-KEY). 

How to change the api-key on commandline? or retrieve from configration-files?



  • Not sure what you mean with flickering. The web interface needs no api key at all. It uses user credentials if users are defined. Do you mean it flickers on monitor gui? You can reset it in regular web gui->Global Settings->Communication. There is no command line option for this.
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    i changed the Servername, a few minutes later the prints couldn´t be started and behaved strange  => server rebooted and even the web-gui isn´t working anymore with "Verbindung verloren".

    the easiest way would be to remove all configuration (i just started testing the features, nothing lost). how to uninstall the complete server (apt reinstall  and apt remove + install) didn´t work.

    i basically just need all config locations of repetier-server, the RepetierServer.xml contains only basic data.

  • Ok, very strange. Just renamed server and no issues. So no idea what is happening there.
    All you need to do is stop server, delete database folder and restart to get a new settings initialization.

    in installation shows for each os how to start/stop and where storage dir is. The database subfolder is where global settings are stored. The sql files in special. So just delete them and on next start they get recreated.
  • Thx a lot ... the problem should not occur too often on other servers, this was in a very special configuration. Apparmor was in max-security mode, not that often activated. (the server was offline for a long time, obviously i did not reset the apparmor-config) => a quick fresh server-install will fix the problem.

    thx a lot  for your support ... and debian-team  ;-)
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