Slowing down travel moves

I understand we can slow down the print speed using repetier server which is quite handy. I frequently use this as I print long prints overnight. I have a fire alarm and smoke detector all set up as well as cameras to monitor.

However what bothers me sometimes is the sound. My printer is very quiet when its doing just normal print moves and I suspect this is down to stealth chop. However travel moves are very noisy. I was wondering if a feature could be implemented to slow down travel moves only so that when I wake up I could then bump it back up and speed up the print, this saves me having to slice the file at lower travel speeds, which I cant then speed up.

I know its a very specific request but I think it would be handy.

I slice with Cura but I guess it could be implemented in such a way that if the move doesn't have an "E" on it then its not an extrusion move and as such could be throttled.


  • What we use is the firmware command M220 that slows down and it slows everything. There is no (general) gcode to only slow travel moves. However you can set travel speed in cura and slice with lower travel speed.
  • Yeah what I was proposing though (assuming this is how it works is) Repetier could slow down only travel moves. Since travel moves at G0 instead of G1 (at least in cura).

    I've give you an example where this might be handy.

    Say ive been printing an object for a couple of hours, but I want to go to bed, my printer might be a bit noisy at full speed. My printer is only noisy when it does travel moves (100mm/s for example).
    If I had the option to only throttle the travel speed I could go to bed with it travelling slower, then wake up in the morning and bump the travel speed back up.

    The problem at the moment is that Repetier server throttles all print moves, when I dont need it to. I know its a bit of an edge case but it would be handy.
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    one way might be to change printers max. travel speed via eeprom settings , should be possible on the fly.

    what firmware is installed on your printer?
  • Another solution would be to use the server feature to replace send gcode. If slicer always sends
    G1 F12000
    you can write the rule
    ^G1 F12000$
    and replace it with
    G1 F6000
    to reduce 200mm/s to 100mm/s.
    All other speeds will be ignored in this case so you need to know the slicer gcode for travel move speed..
  • I use marlin, both solutions are actually pretty good.

    I guess I could send something like M203 X50 Y50 from the command console. Then when I wake up again send M203 X100 Y100.

    Could write that I guess as a custom function that I can select from the drop down list... like "Night mode" and  "Day mode" ill have a look at that. Saves me having to reslice all my files. Thanks for the suggestions.
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