Repetier server und Duet über Duet Software Framework verbinden ?

ich habe mehrere duet boards und benutze die mit repetier server.
nun bin ich im duet forum auf diesen thread aufmerksam geworden. ist das möglich ?

DWC on SBC plus Repetier Server | Duet3D


  • Yes, I was in email contact with marcos and it worked with the dwc image. Now he is trieng the opposite way with our pi image so he gets the wifi config from server and other things we have only on our image.
  • Hi @joeko ;

    Indeed, the guys from Repetier and Duet3D are giving us a hand. Quite a privilege.

    We are testing the integration of Repetier Server with Duet DWC. At this moment we tested with DuetPI Image adding manually Repetier Server, and it works almost anything except network, poweroff/reboot scripts and other minor items.

    We also tested the opposite, doing the DWC and Duet framework to work into the Repetier Server V25 RPI image. It was better results, full RS operation. However full DWC only worked when standalone config (their own SD and Ethernet and USB connection) which is not what we are looking for. But commands and functions issued from RS has worked (motion, diags, endstops). Its a communication (GPIO) and networking problem.

    Or goal could be having one RPI, with Duet DWC and Repetier Server you can use indistinctly. The user touch interface will be Repetier or can choose an "advanced mode button" that can change to DWC. In the web side, both enviroments could be available only with one IP and different port.

    We will post all the valid developments that we make here, so that others can take advantage of it.

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