Unable to connect to Raspberry PI camera

I have a genuine Raspberry camera.
Using Repetier Raspberry latest image.
Licenced Repetier Pro version.
Just can't get camera to connect - it is not available from drop down on the webcam page.

Have tried and checked every suggestion and config options that the Repetier webcam documents describe.
Camera is supported and detected according to the config checks.

Any ideas?


  • What is the result of:
    vcgencmd get_camera

    Should be:
    supported=1 detected=1

    Are you using our image or the original raspbian image? Only our version is supposed to show the webcams.
  • Thanks for your response. I feel a bit stupid....I was on the wrong screen whilst trying to configure the webcam. All good now and I have learnt something. :)
  • Hi Chaps,

    can a get hold of a full process for setting up a pi cam from anywhere ,tried and tried but not having much luck
  • With our images it is started automatically. To access it outside server enter http://ipusedforserver:9000 ;
    That is where mjpg_streamer publishes the web access.
  • Thanks I’ll give that ago tonight 

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