Blank Screen

Repetier Server pro 94.3

Worked fine for a few months but now 5" touch screen is blank.  Server is running and can connect via wifi

After power on and time to boot the screen briefly flashes "Repetier-Server Login:_" then goes blank.



  • Did you update linux? The 5" displays require some special settings for the display to output graphic screen. Especially fbturbo needs to be changed and could be overwritten by an update. See for example
    also for different display.

    What you saw is the text console and during boot we switch to x server.
  • NO software updates  until today!   I connected via wifi and from setting ran auto update.  Now the Pi will not boot.

    Guess I'll need to burn a new SD image.
  • Yes, maybe a defect sd card and the update made that more visible. Reinstalling gets it at least in repaired state back, also it runs a check on startup. But especially unplugging while running and not shutdown cleanly can cause undocumented sd changes. 
  • I think that was the problem.  Can't even re-format the card.    Once its working I'll take a clone of the card.

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