Z-axis does not move if move down on touchscreen interface is pressed (V1.0.4)

If I press the move down arrow for the Z-axis on the touchscreen interface, the Z-axis does not move.

The commands look right:
Send:17:27:08.524: N30392 G28
Send:17:27:08.524: N30393 M114
Recv:17:27:56.300: X:0.00 Y:99.00 Z:0.00 E:-33.00 Count X:0 Y:127270 Z:0 (2)
Send:17:28:03.781: N30394 G1 Z25.00 F120
Send:17:28:19.616: N30395 G1 Z0.00 F120
This happen in version 1.0.4, in version 1.0.3 this does work.


  • So here you did go up 25mm and then down 25mm?
    When the commands get send it is no bug in the interface. If you also get a "ok" back from firmware the printer is ignoring the move. Try to go down 10mm so firmware can not ignore it because of rounding errors or something else why it might skip that move. Some would not move down when end stop is triggered also that should not be the case at 25mm height.
  • Yes I go up 25mm and than 25mm down.
    I do not think that this is a firmware issue, because it does work with Repetier Server 1.0.3. (I have make a downgrade to 1.0.3 after this issue.) But I will test going down 10mm tomorrow.
    Furthermore no end stop was trigger.
    My printer seems also to ignore all endstops, if it is not homing, but this is another (firmware) issue.

  • I just checke dit with my printer and it worked. And since it seems to send the correct commands from your log I assume the problem in the printer side or communication stops working after the up move. Enable ack to seeif you get the ok from firmware. Then it is clear.
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