Wrong layers number when import some gcode

I'm having problems importing some gcode generated with SuperSlicer. Even if it actually prints all of them, the generated preview is wrong, as is the number of layers.
The preview is instead correct in Simplify3D as well as in other slicers.


  • Ok, that was a hard one. Problem is using G10 Sxx which gets interpreted as long retraction. But I assume you use RepRapFirmware which interprets this different and uses it for temperature control which we do not detect since we assume it is a retraction command like in repetier or marlin. That causes E position to be reduced every call so many layers get into negative extrusion position which is invisible.

    Short term solution is to go to server printer configuration in tools and set retraction distances for G10 to 0 for short and long distance. Then renderings get at least correct including timing calculations.

    Do you know why SuperSlicer uses G10 instead of M104 to set temperatures? 
    The official docs do not even mention this behaviour:

    only in reprap wiki I found this:

    And the official docs also know M104 to set temperature. So not sure why this hidden feature is used. For update i will try to make a detection for it and maybe even add better support for SuperSlicer. I like that it writes width and height so I can optimize rendings.
  • I solved it by setting the g-code flavor on "Klipper", after all I use that as firmware.
  • Good. I also modified server so with next release it detects the special case if Px is included. Also added better parsing of SuperSlicer so it gets width and height for extrusions from the comments.
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