Marlin M600 filament runout

I saw some discussion on this a while ago but not sure if it was resolved.

Is it possible for repetier to send a push message when marlin sends a M600 when its out of filament? Im running version  0.94.3.

Could I also set up some sort of event for when this happens to trigger a web action?

Im thinking I could link it up to my house lights to flash on and off :)


  • Yes should be possible. In printer config ->gcodes you can parse firmware responses and execute extra gcodes - here mainly containing server commands. So add the @webaction or @pushmessage command in that gcode especially at the beginning. If marlin starts blocking communication it might get a problem that these are executed after the block is finished. But for executing server commands you do not need serial communication so if they are send first it should work.
  • Perfect that sounds great ill give that a shot thanks.
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