HyperPixel 4 touchscreen installation issues

Copied and pasted form another thread I asked in, and decided for better visibility to start anew post.
Hey all, I see this thread is a bit old, but I am having issues with this exact install setup and am looking for help after all day banging my head on it. 

RPi4, HyperPixel4, I can get it to install fine on a standard raspian installation, but I cannot for the life of me get it to even finish the hyperpixel script with the Repetier Server installed. It either returns a 

main: line 116: /dev/tty: Permission denied

or an Unrecognized hardware error. Screen works great with everything else I've tried. Octoprint, Octodash. 

Any thoughts? 

Will also open a new thread for visibility, but thought I'd ply the knowledge amongst you folks as well. 


  • I don't have the display so no idea which commands you are running here, but permission denied is quite clear and easy to solve. Normally you install hardware as root so you have all required permission.

    On pi you can run
    sudo -i
    to be root for the rest of the session (until ctrl+D logs you out). So try running installation as root would be the first I'd try.
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    Greetings, and thanks for the reply. Looks like the curl command is not running properly as repetier server is installed on a buster lite version from what I can tell. Total pain in my ass. Is there anyway to install repetier server while I already have a full raspbian install?

    the command I'm running is

    curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel4 | bash
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    what in the fuck

  • wow even this forum is frustrating ot use. no delete...must be French or something
  • Image is based on raspbian lite with latest updates at time of creation. There is no full raspbian image since we did not want to waste all the disk space with all the extra stuff we do not need.
    sudo -i
    curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel4 | bash

    To install as root. You can install addition packages if the display needs them.

    You can of course also install server on a regular pi installation image. You just will miss all our preconfigured stuff like webcam autodetection, automounting, network setup, autostart of chromium, shutdown button in gui. But you can of course do that on your own. Most of it is documented on our website and manual and the regular server functions are there anyway.

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