Temp Graph time scale

Looking to possibly change from Octoprint to Repetier Server on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running my i3 clone printer.

2 things that stand out when viewing the Server Demo, is :

1. seems you can not view the webcam and the temperature graph at the same time. These are the 2 things that I watch during a print. Any way to have them both on the same screen ?

2. the time scale on the temp graphs is very short - can that be changed ?


  • 1. Not possible. You would need to windows then or use Repetier-Server Monitor for pro server. On home screen you can make one printer show on right side essential informations which include webcam and temperature.

    2. No, scale is fixed to 5 minutes. We do not store more server side also to reduce communication load. For temperature sensitive prints you can create pdf reports. These have a statistic on wanted vs. measured temperatures over a complete print.
  • Thank You for the reply.

    Do you have any screenshots of the Server Monitor layouts that are possible ?

    Are the temperatures stored in a log file anywhere ?
    If a print fails and the firmware 'min-temp' is triggered, it helps to look back at the temp graph / data to see if it was a gradual decrease ( faulty heater cartridge ) or erratic temperature changes ( faulty thermistor / wiring )
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    Here is the image: https://imgur.com/aS6RRiK

    Temperatures are not stored in log files.
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