PI Camera wont work after re-install

Latest build installed.  Pi Camera connected.  

vcgencmd get_camera
supported=1 detected=1

However: Printer settings/webcam shows Pi Camera in dropdown but after apply/restart etc. no image and does not show selected any more!

Is there some other setup needed?  



  • Did you add a camera? Just seeing it at the bottom is not assign. You need to add webcam at top and then assign it. Then you should already see it where the urls got entered.

    When you login using ssh to console you should also see 

    pi@Felix:~ $ ps aux | grep mjpg

    root       314  2.2  0.0 108580  2704 ?        Sl   Sep14 2594:07 /usr/local/bin/mjpg_streamer -i /usr/local/lib/mjpg-streamer/input_raspicam.so -fps 15 -x 640 -y 480 -quality 85  -o /usr/local/lib/mjpg-streamer/output_http.so -p 9000 -w /usr/local/share/mjpg-streamer/www -b

    pi       10373  0.0  0.0   7348   576 pts/0    S+   06:54   0:00 grep --color=auto mjpg

    This is how it looks for my pi cam running 640x480 pixel at 15fps. Maybe you have selected a unsupported resolution/fps combination? Try that one first and see how it works. Then you can increase if needed but be aware that data rate can get quite high so make sure network has good connection. If using wifi check with
    what bitrate you gat at your place.
  • Thanks  My ignorance not knowing about the streamers or the ps aux command!  Good day when I learn something new.  

    A quick test is in a browser enter:   192.168.x.x:9000/?action=stream with ip of the pi.
  • Yes that also shows if the mjpg_streamer is working. If so you just need to configure server correctly:-)
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