Putty Connection Refused 0.91.2 - Zeus 31

New installation on Pi 3 B+

Can connect browser through wifi or direct ethernet cable (pc to pi)  Cannot connect with Putty "Connection Refused" Windows 10 host.

Object is to get a Waveshare 5" HDMI Touch Screen working but first things first and get Putty to connect.



  • I rebuilt the image SD.  Added file name "ssh" to root.  Pi will start and I can access the IP through ping and a browser.  Cannot connect with Putty.   Put SD back in PC and the SSH file is deleted (as expected)
  • Our image always starts ssh. Important is to use pi as user. root can not login via ssh.
  • I can connect with browser either through wifi or direct ethernet.  Cannot get to a logon screen from Putty with either IP address.  "Connection Refused"

    My waveshare 5" needs these lines added to config.txt:
    hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0
    I updated config.txt by putting SD card in PC.  Screen does not work.
    Built a new image of Raspberry Pi OS.  Loaded to SD.  
    Updated config.txt as above and works perfect.  So, I know hardware is not an issue!
  • As an alternative is there an option to download the Repetier software that can be installed on an existing Pi OS with a working monitor.
  • Fixed.   My inexperience with Pi software!  The config.txt file needed an [all] in front of the inserted script.  There is a [p0] earlier so the new script did not take effect.  Live and learn!
  • Great it works now.
    Of course you can also install the .deb package on any other debian based linux installation.

    Windows 10 also support ssh directly in powershell. Just send
    ssh pi@ipNumber

    and it should log you in after password validation. Of course only if ssh daemon is working. Not that it works you can also use keyboard to switch to console and check ssh being active.
    ps aux | grep ssh
    should show a ssd daemon.
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