Re: Running multiple printers and compatibility

Good afternoon all,

I had some questions that I hoped somebody could answer:

1. I currently have 3 printers running on a raspberry pi 3b+ and I have 1 camera plugged in. Ideally, I would like to have a camera for each printer but I won't have enough USB sockets on the pi. Would it work if I plugged in a usb-hub and put the cameras on there?

2. I currently have 3 printers but I am likely to be purchasing 3 more over the Black Friday/Christmas sales making it a total of 6 printers. Is there a way that I can have 2 raspberry pi's running repetier-server on the same network? I have a spare raspberry pi that I'd like to use rather than having to buy a pc or something. Your thoughts are welcome.

3. One of the printers I am thinking of getting is the 3d printmill  (Creality) which has an infinite Z. Will this be compatible with repetier server?

Many thanks


  • 1. Yes it is possible. But usb bandwidth is the main problem. So make sure webcams support hardware MJPG and resolution/framerate is not too high so bandwidth is no problem.
    2. Yes. In network settings you can change the hostname of the pi so they differ making it easier to identify them.
    3. More or less. I assume it runs Marlin or compatible firmware so communication works and you can send anything you want. Problem is server expects fixed bed size. I have no idea what tweaks they use but guess you can either increase bed size to get no out of printer position messages or ignore messages that gcode does not fit on bed. But apart from that I do not expect any problems - said without having such a printer so no guarantees here.
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