HttpWebResponse to Get the "Pause" Flag

Hello! Been a while here.
So I have been able to use some features of API. 
Mostly successfully through Websocket and just direct WebRequest.

Now I want to know the printer's pause status. False or True.
Messages look like what I want with this response below.
[{"id":msgId,"msg":"Message","link":"finishLink","slug":printer,"date":"Date ISO 8601","pause":false}]

The webresponse is just empty []

When I tried communidationData it's giving me 


But nothing with "Messages". 
Do you know why I am not getting anything with Messages? 
Also, is this the only way to get the pause status? 

Please let me know.


  • "pauseState":0 in listPrinter is pause state. Values are:  0 = unpaused, 1 = paused, waiting cooldown, 2 = cooleddown (if enabled), 3 = heating, 4 = heated, waiting for continue, continue.

    Messages just contains a hint with unpause/remove link.


    Parameter: none


    [{"id":msgId,"msg":"Message","link":"finishLink","slug":printer,"date":"Date ISO 8601","pause":false}]

    List of currrently open messages.

  • Got it! Thanks a lot! 

    Messages' "pause" only gives me the proper response when the printer is paused. 
    When the printer is running, it's giving me nothing. 

    Is this something to do with open messages? What is the open message?
  • messages gives you the list of open messages in our gui if that is the question.
  • Is it possible to get the source code of the repetier host software in case i want to add some features into it?
  • For new features it has a plugin system. Sources are only accessible with a proper source license and more for manufactures.
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