repetier-server with "filament manager" function

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Hey guys,
does repetier-server have any possibility to calculate / count down the filament amount or weight per spool, like octoprint does? maybe there is an plugin etc.?????

I like repetier so much better than octoprint, but this matter is important for me, so i also use octoprint for most of prints...


  • This is a future feature. Currently we only calculte how mach filament would get used and store how much was used on the prints but not connected to spools.
  • Thats will be very usefull.
  • Hello

    Is there an update on this feature?

    Really be useful. I temporarily went to OctoPrint, but now I'm back
  • Next big thing we are working on is slicer integration and that plays together with filament management. But it's a lot of work so be patient. Might not be included in smaller updates we might make in between.
  • Awesome idea and I would like to have in the filament management as well the temperature settings for extruder and bed.
    Could you as well think about a kinda scripting lang or markup used in the G-Code which is linking to the used filament for printing and automatically sets the extruder and bed temperature? That would make a real benefit when using different filaments and I don't have to look and service my notes in another textfile...

    By the way: I really like your Repetier Software and use it every day. You do a very good job! Excellent.
  • Interesting idea, also a bit difficult since we pre parse the gcode for timing calculations. That can not be done if parts would change. So need to think about a solution for this. Maybe a default value for timing and variable for real print. Will make a small difference in real print time but at least it works. But then slicer needs to understand that syntax as well, but ok we have a own version for just such cases. But don't think it will be in first release. Something for improved version later.
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    That sounds great and for sure it's not a blocker for me having is with a next release or version. Maybe you can already take some idea into account and "prepare" it for the release or version after your slicer inclusion.
  • What we want from start is material detection, so we know with which material it was sliced. That might be another solution - to have an automatic change of temperatures when you have different materials loaded than used for slicing. I like to have a warning with some options in that case.
  • I personally think the material choice is something you should decide and take before slicing. You could as well to the temperature have different settings for infill, speed, movements for ABS, PLA, TPU etc... and this creates a different slicing solution dependent of you material or filament settings.

    Currently I have the feeling that nobody really took care about the complete way-of-working or process from design to final output... which is not a critic to you and your software and more general speaking... but this is another discussion ;-)
  • You are right that different materials have different speeds etc. That is also why I want the info/warning box. But for same material type like PLA is is often all the same except temperature so that would be a quick fix on mismatch. Better is always to reslice with correct material selected. But that is not what a filament manager will do. The filament manager manages your filament spools - stores how much was printed with which spool, what material is on it and ideally a link to the preferred slicer filament setting.
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    Okay, then I understand your idea behind the filament manager and what it's supposed to be. You mentioned it already to have a link from the filament manager to the "slicing manager" (or something fancy like). So the filament manager could contain a link to presets of these settings for input to the slicing manager. For each filament spool which has then color, weight, diameter, tolerances, density, price, age, manufacturer, shop, reorder, UPC/EAN/MPN etc. also a section/tab for slicing input. I could imagine that when you have several spools you could also use some custom barcode printed (I have a nice little label printer) and scan with a nice barcode scanner (I have an old Hand Held Product on) to register/select the spool get correct setting for the scling, printing etc... even if the remaining amount on the spool would suite your print... :smiley:

    ....when did you say are you officialising your next release...?! :smiley: can't wait already.
  • Can't say when it comes to this, just that it is next big thing. Mainly depends on support questions and bugs found. But good news is that I soon get an extra developer to help:-)
  • Many thanks for the fruitful discussion and idea exchange. In case you need some testing, maybe I can give some support.
    Cheers and stay safe
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