Suggestion for uploading files

Can you make it so that we can import files in bulk and remove files from lists in bulk via selection. Managing and using the projects feature is such a hassle without an easy way to mass import gcodes. Additionally, the version 94.1 update was awesome! The used port indication is so helpful!! One more suggestion I have is to allow for some form of grouping printers on the home page so that I can have all of my Ender 5s in one row, my Artilleries in another, and other printers on the home page dashboard as scrollable horizontal lists. The latter suggestion is probably not straight forward but I would be a nice to have. Any ways if you can make the first suggestion work that would be amazing! Thank you so much.


  • Making files in projects selectable for bulk operatons is an idea. Already did similar for gcodes in lists in the monitor app for server.
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