0.94.1 keeps crashing and has deleted one of my licences

Hi there,

I recently upgraded my windows 10 PC from Repetier server 0.93.1 to 0.94.1.
We started seeing server crashes 24 hours after the update, requiring a reboot of the PC.
Again, after 24 hours the server locks up and crashes.
I have also noticed that the server has lost my instance licence.

Is it possible to roll back the update so we can use 0.93.1 and restore the lost licence?

Many thanks,


  • Yes, installing 0.93.1 gets you back with no known problems. License should normally be reused as we see it is the same machine. Once you get message all licenses are used up send us a mail and we reset the counter.
  • This sounds strange but I managed to get the licence to reappear in 0.94.1 after deactivating all the printers from our farm. But this required deactivating one printer, restarting, then deactivating the next printer. From there I was able to verify that I hadn't lost the licence. The software was much more responsive at this point too.

    Working with our IT guy, there wasn't anything wrong with the PC. All Windows updates were correct and up to date, and we verified that all the I/O ports on the PC were working correctly. No other software issues either other than what happened to Repetier 0.94.1.

    I was also able to follow your instruction to reinstall the 0.93.1 .exe without losing any data and everything appears to be working as it did before the update.

    Thank you for your help. Other than the issue we had with the recently update, we really like the software.
  • Yes. I also hope that I get the crashes so I can debug them better. But some depend on situations I don't get or speeds/timings that do not happen.

    How many printer did you have connected? Also any special tasks or webcams on the printer, timelapse, ... Just maybe I can change some parameters so I get the problem here as well.
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