port list wont show port

the port ttyACM0 and ttyUSB0 does not appear in the port list.
how is that possible and how do I solve this?
with repetier host I had no problems with that


  • Normally not a problem if it runs as repetierserver. You need permission to see the files, that is why repetierserver is member of dial group. Do you see any ports? Sure port is available in linux with that name? If you login using ssh a simple
    ls /dev
    should show you all devices. while
    ls /dev/serial/by-id
    shows all known serial devices connected.
  • yes under linux I see it.
    the port list also displays the tty and ttyS
    but the ttyUSB port is not included in the list
  • according to linux it is on port ttyACM0.
    but it is not included in the port list

  • Then linux does not see your printer or does not have serial driver loaded. Try


    to see if your printer is seen at all on usb connection. Then you also know what kind of usb driver you need to enable/google for.

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