Repetier server control 3D printer and CNC

As I knew , Repetier server can control multiple printers simultaneously , but if we build a repetier firmware for CNC , could we control the 3D printer and a CNC simultaneously from Repetier server ?


  • Sure. Server is in first place just a software sending gcode and does not care about the intention as long as the firmware is supported. Only thing is that preview images will be empty and on control you see most likely only travel moves.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply , further , could we schedule the working process for 3D printer and CNC on Repetier Server , for example , if we finish the printing , a Robot will move the printed part to CNC platform , and then Repetier server will tell CNC start to machining the part .
  • Naturally such a complex thing is not implemented directly. But there are ways to do that with some clever placing of e.g. some scripts that you run with @execute at the end of the print. Using the web API you can send commands to the server to e.g. do the robot handling and start cnc.
  • Great , the mechanism of scripts which you mentioned should be work for the project , could you show any example to explain the operating process of @execute.  
  • In the manual is an example in chapter advanced setup for calling play as @execute play file
    <execute name="play" allowParams="true">/usr/bin/afplay</execute>
    important thing is to consider that the script is run as user repetierserver on linux. So that user must have execute permission for the script.
  • Great , I try it , thanks a lot .
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