bed temperature fluctuation wrong

Hi there,

the bed temperature graph on the repetier server gui in the browser does not match the fluctuation on the touchscreen, which correctly shows the temp fluctuations. 

why is that?




  • Both use same functions to retrieve the values so should be identical. What error do you mean exactly?
    Lately I learned that marlin also uses B: for position reports which get interpreted as temperature causing wrong high values. That will be fixed in next release if you mean that.

    Otherwise if you can make a screenshot of the error so I can see what you mean would be helpful.
  • Here on the right-hand skala you can see the % variation which seem way off..

  • The percent is for the green infill that presents the output power. Depending on pid settings this can swing that much and is ok. This is also a firmware issue - server just displays what firmware does here. But as said with high P or D value in PID settings for temperature that can happen to swing that much. Ideally the I term should stabilize output after a while but that does not happen here, but temperature swing is within good range so nothing to worry.
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    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, it stabilizes at a later stage. My filament settings are as such, that I have a fan percentage of 0 to 100 depending on the need, so the fan kicks in suddenly when there are overhangs, but goes to 0 on flat pieces.
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