Update on Development Status for various Programs

Is there someplace where I can get an idea of the various development in progress for the different programs offered by Repetier?  I noticed the mobile app has not been updated in over a year.  I purchased Server, and there are some features I would like to see.  Before I try to figure out a work around or solution, I would like to get some idea of what the plans are for the various pieces of the puzzle.

If this is already out there, could someone point me in the right direction?




  • There is no such place. Our development depends largely on user wishes and problems that users have. We also have some points we want to add on our own roadmap, but with all these unplannable issues it is not possible to make a "big" plan ahead. For server just some points already added for next release:

    * Required for all functions of Repetier-Server Monitor 1.1.
    * Improved rendering detection of width, layer height and object region.
    * Touchscreen usability improved.
    * Web actions added to e.g. control plugs with IFTTT.
    * Shutdown after print button and event.
    * Added DFU and DfuSe uploader.
    * Password authentication for printer with TCP/IP connection using RepRapFirmware.
    * Filament change disabled during print.
    * Predefined temperatures for heated chamber.
    * Improved replay list for rescue print.
    * Improved security.
    * Import of ZIP files to projects improved.
    * Pauses are subtracted from printing time.
    * Allow user icons for own commands.
    * Fixed rescue system on non repetier-firmware systems not heating.
    * Fixed permission required for timelapse setting.
    * Fixed temperature parsing for Alfawise printers.
    * Fix webcam rotation in print reports.
    * Fixed problem adding new extruder.
    * Fixed some styling issues.

    If you have a problem that others might also have and seems not covered, please let us know and we might add a solution to it or can name one if it already exists.
  • Awesome.  Thank you.  As I use the different programs, I am making some notes.  I will send them your way once I have time to work through them.  Again, thank you!
  • I'm looking forward to the new version as well. Any estimate on when it will be released?
  • End of may as it seems and if get no unexpected problems.
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