Repetier-Host crashes without even printing

I will start with the default "I am new to Linux and I am spending most of my life reading forums to try to figure this crazy world out." statement.

Anyways my repetierHost on Arch Linux keeps crashing.  I am trying to run it from the command prompt to see what errors come up and I cannot get it to load from the cp...

I can fire up Cura, PronterFace, Aurduino, etc.  Not repetierHost.

Can someone tell me what is the package that I need to type into the command prompt on Arch to get repetierHost to launch?

Thanks in advance for the helping me...


  • Are you using the appimage or the tar file? Appimage can be started by calling the file, for tar you need to run configureFirst inside and then you should have a link so repetierHost in commandline would start it.
  • Thank you.  Running the was what I needed.
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