The spaghetti detective support

Hi! Can you add support the spaghetti detective? Like on Octoprint.


  • Cool plugin, also it requires a powerfull server to analyse the pictures (or an account). Have put it on my list for useful additions when I get the time.
  • Hallo, ich wollte mal fragen ob sich bei diesem Plugin etwas getan hat oder ob man es tatsächlich schon installieren kann.
  • Nein steht weiter hinten in der liste der Todos.
  • OK, super vielen Dank für die Info!
  • I would also like to ask about the major version in which it is planned to support external plugins. If I understood you correctly earlier.
  • Plugins are already possible but integration method is not that easy especially when you need webcam access. For V2 we plan a better plugin system that is easier to manage and more universal. But at the moment we are finishing to get V1 ready.
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