Notifications on bacground computations/processes and making it shift the page.

Can we redo the darn "Open slow background computation" notifications. This shifts the whole page and makes you "hunt" clicks on the webui. It's now numerous times if I have stopped a print, set a wrong temperature and missed motor homing buttons by mistake since ui is jumping up and down because of the message area. Odd is that while uploading a file you get a nice overlay on bottom right corner of screen saying "Upload finished". There is plenty of space on top banner where settings, home, fullscreen buttons are. It's not lke we need a long text to show we have background operations. It would suffice and follow the pattern of "your messages" and "printer list" if it would be up there.

It's a +1 on irritation level since I'm a Repetier-Server Pro user :)


  • Cool - bottom of the page now. I was wondering that I don't get the jumps anymore.  Today noticed that textarea is placed bottom of the screen. Thanks. 
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